Fortinet Deal Registration Program

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The Fortinet Deal Registration Program provides:

Simplified Opportunity Management – Simplify and manage your upcoming and ongoing opportunities and communication with Fortinet. View ongoing opportunities and their progress in the Fortinet sales lifecycle.

Deal Security – Be the preferred partner driving the Fortinet solution for the customer to ensure you are the customer's preferred partner.

Competitive Pricing – The best Fortinet supplied pricing is protected to you for the duration of the deal registration. A Deal Reg Opportunity is valid for 90 days and can be extended twice.


How Does Deal Registration Work?

The Fortinet Deal Registration is a straightforward process, once an opportunity with a customer arises you can create a deal registration by:

      1. Obtain access to the Fortinet Partner Portal if you don’t already have an account.

      2. Register your new opportunity in the Deal Registration part of the Fortinet Partner Portal.

      3. Fill out the required contact and business fields before adding products to the opportunity.

      4. Submitting the Deal Registration once all components are filled out.

Fortinet will then action your Deal Registration request and will be reviewed within 5 working days. You'll receive an email notification of approval or denial.

If your Deal Registration is approved, you can claim additional discounts from your authorized Distributor on top of your recommended Partner level discount.


What are the Requirements?

There are a few small requirements before you can submit a Deal Registration, those are:

      •  You must be a current Fortinet Authorised Partner.

      •  All opportunities/deals must be over $25k (AUD).

      •  The deal must be new to Fortinet and cannot already be registered by another Fortinet Authorised partner.


How Wavelink Can Help

We want to make sure our partners get the most out of the Deal Registration program. As a value add, Wavelink provides:

Deal Registration Assistance – We can step you through the process of accessing and creating a deal registration within the Fortinet Partner Portal.

Solution Development – We can assist with developing a solution to fit your customers’ needs and budget, so when you deal register the solution with Fortinet all the hard work is already done.