Terms And Conditions

We are pleased to make available to you the Fabric Ready program from October 1 2022. 

The Program
The primary goal of Fabric Ready is to reward Wavelink individual partner representatives on growing their Wavelink business. Individuals may be entitled to the Incentive (defined below) upon attainment of the goals and objectives (stipulated below). The Program may be referred to as Fabric Ready or Wavelink Fabric Ready (“The Program”).

Eligible Participants
The Program is open to Wavelink individual partner representatives in Australia("Participants"). Through their participation in the Program, Participants are deemed to have accepted these Terms and enter into a binding agreement with Wavelink. If a Participant does not wish to accept these Terms, they should refrain from participation. If, during the Program Period, the Participant’s status changes so that they are no longer eligible to participate in the Program, they will be excluded from the Program.

Program Award -  Individual
Participants who fully and completely meet the Program Requirements will be eligible to receive the Program award points to spend in the reward store ("Award"). Points earned are only valid for approved activities as outlined and completed on the Fabric Ready website. Points will be awarded once each activity is completed and verified by Wavelink. Points will not be awarded until this time.

Points are earned when you complete the below activities:



Complete in-person training


Complete online vendor certifications NSE 1,2 & 3

25 per certification

Complete online vendor certifications NSE 4,5,6,7 & 8

75 per certification

Attend a live webinar


Watch a webinar and pass the assessment


Engage during a webinar  10


Program Reward
Additional terms relating to the prizes “Rewards” apply; and is subject to further terms and conditions relating to its use, or manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. Wavelink reserves the right to modify, extend or discontinue the Program, in whole or in part, at any time and without further notice. Without limiting the generality of the previous sentence, the eligible Wavelink products and/or services included in the Program may be changed or substituted at any time.

Merchandise Rewards

Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to exclude, restrict or modify rights which you may have under any law (including the Australian Consumer Law (‘ACL’), and consumer guarantees relating to goods or services under the ACL) which may not be excluded, restricted or modified by agreement (‘Your Consumer Rights’). Subject to Your Consumer Rights, the Promoter is not liable for any loss or damage however caused (including by negligence), suffered or incurred in connection with the Promotion or rewards. Any condition or warranty which would be implied by law into these terms and conditions is excluded.

Merchandise rewards will be processed & delivered within 30 days to Participants after redemption is made.

Mobile Pay
Mobile prepaid Mastercards are valid for 36 months from the date of issue. To access you must download The Card Network App, card cannot be printed as a voucher for use. To be able to redeem virtual Mastercard rewards you must maintain enough reward $ to meet the minimum reward denomination of $20. If at redemption, program period close or account closure your rewards does not meet the minimum redemption of $20, all current monies ($) will be forfeited.
Not redeemable for cash and cannot be exchanged. Any unused value after the expiry date of any Digital Mastercard will not be refunded or credited. At the time of purchase, you should know your account balance. You may obtain your current balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by logging into your account on The Card Network app. If you attempt to make a purchase that exceeds your balance, the transaction will be denied. Cardholders are responsible for all purchases made with their Virtual Card.
Currently only compatible with Australian mobile numbers. Compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
Valid instore or online where prepaid Mastercard is accepted. For online use the total transaction value cannot exceed the available Digital Mastercard balance unless the merchant site has the capability to support split transactions. For full terms and conditions, please view them here.

Leaderboard Reward

Procedure for breaking ties

In the unlikely event of a tie in scoring after conclusion of the Wavelink Judging Phase, a winner among the tying Entries will be selected based on the partner with the higher revenue. Judges reserve the right in their sole discretion to select fewer than the stated number of winners if there is an insufficient number of eligible Entries, or an insufficient number of eligible Entries meeting the minimum Judging Criteria.

Winner selection and notification

Potential winner(s) will be determined and notified by direct contact via their registered member details provided.

If a potential winner cannot be contacted, is contacted and does not respond in a timely manner with all required information, or fails to claim the prize as directed within the time allotted following attempted notification, refuses the prize, is ineligible to accept the prize, is otherwise not in compliance with these Official Rules, or if the attempted prize notification is returned as undeliverable, then the prize at issue will be forfeited and, at Wavelink sole discretion, not awarded or awarded to an alternate winner with the next highest‐ranking Entry based on judging.

A Participant is not a winner, even if a prize notification is received, unless and until the Participant’s eligibility and the potential winning Entry has been verified and the Participant is notified that verification is complete. Potential winners must continue to comply with these Official Rules.

It is at Wavelink’s discretion to select wildcard entries to attend the travel reward. If the selected participant cannot attend Wavelink will nominate a replacement participant.

Travel Rewards

Winner is solely responsible for any travel‐related costs or expenses exceeding the Trip outline and itinerary, including any extra nights’ stay and any additional costs associated with an extended stay, as well any Trip‐related costs for incidentals, hotel or airline service charges or processing fees, additional meals, gratuities, telephone calls, facsimile charges, Internet charges, gift shop purchases, souvenirs, spa, beauty salon, laundry or other guest service charges, costs or expenses related to non‐Fabric Ready trip‐designated activities, in‐state travel or other activities, tours or excursions, any or other costs or expenses not provided by Wavelink as part of the prize. Travel must be made through Wavelink designated agent and service providers of Wavelink choosing. Winner is responsible for complying with hotel requirements, including but not limited to the presentation of a major credit card at check‐in. All airline and accommodation provider terms, conditions and restrictions apply.

Wavelink will attempt to notify winner of the itinerary and proposed date(s) for travel no later than 2 weeks prior to expected date of departure, and winner must be available for travel on the dates specified by Wavelink. All reservations, travel, and accommodations are subject to availability, restrictions, and airline blackout dates, so Wavelink cannot guarantee Trip or related transportation will be available on the exact dates specified in these Official Rules. Wavelink reserves right to change the leaderboard prize, travel dates, itinerary and any other information if necessary due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Wavelink reserves the right to change travel inclusions subject to availability.

By participating in the Promotion, each Participant accepts and agrees that Wavelink, in its sole discretion, may disqualify any Participant who (whether in fact or by attempt) subverts, circumvents, or tampers with the entry process, or the lawful operation of this Promotion or the Site, or who Wavelink finds to be acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or in a manner otherwise in violation of these Official Rules.

Standard of Conduct

You are reminded that by participating in the Fabric Ready leaderboard in your capacity as an employee or authorised Channel Partner of Wavelink, you hereby agree to maintain a standard of conduct befitting of our organisation and our values as part of these official rules.

Each travelling delegate has a role to play in embodying and protecting our great company, our brands and our reputation. The behaviour and conduct of our Fabric Ready leaderboard trip group affects our overall business success therefore by attending you are committed to acting ethically and responsibly and complying with the relevant laws and regulations in all countries and regions in which we conduct our business.

Acting ethically and responsibly goes beyond mere compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. It involves being a good corporate citizen, by acting with honesty, integrity and in a manner that is consistent with the expectations of our customers, our suppliers, and the broader community and also acting in accordance with the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

This applies throughout the Fabric Ready leaderboard trip during and outside of business hours and whether it be during a formal or planned event or during any personal time that has been allocated to you.

Key Principles of this Code of Conduct

It is important that all delegates adhere to and abide by this Code of Conduct to ensure that we conduct our business with honesty, integrity and to the highest standards of personal and professional ethical behaviour.

Delegates are required to adhere to and obey these Key Principles in all of their activities and dealings:

  • Ensure you attend all scheduled activities and events outlined in the Fabric Ready leaderboard trip itinerary
  • Always act honestly and with integrity and to the highest standards of personal and professional ethical behaviour
  • Deal honestly and fairly with, and be courteous and respectful to, all of our people, our customers and our suppliers
  • Act in the best interests of Wavelink in a manner which upholds our brands, values, Philosophies and our reputation
  • Do not participate in any illegal or unethical activity
  • Notify your tour leader if you believe anyone is not acting in accordance with this Code of Conduct
  • Only deal with fellow delegates who demonstrate ethical and responsible business practices which are consistent with this Code of Conduct

Reward(s) Error Policy

This Reward(s) error policy (the “Reward Error Policy”) applies to each Participant in the Fabric Ready Program. Accidental typographical errors sometimes occur in Reward(s) descriptions or values.  In this event, Wavelink reserves the right to notify you of the correct description or value before Reward(s) is shipped.  The Reward(s) Error Policy requires prompt mitigation and recovery of all Reward(s)s issued in error for any reason; including, but not limited to data inaccuracy, inaccurate Reward Points’ valuation, processing error or miscommunication. The Reward(s) Error Policy requires immediate steps be taken to mitigate loss by reversing Reward Points deposited to Participant accounts in error, placing a hold on delivery and fulfillment of Reward(s), and/or cancelling Reward(s) orders. As a result of error mitigation steps, a Participant may have a negative Reward Points account balance. A Participant can restore his or her Reward Points’ account to a positive balance by receiving further Reward Points; or, participants may elect to be credited Reward Points by returning Reward(s) previously received by the Participant.

If a Participant attains Reward(s) through the Fabric Ready program in a way that contravenes the program terms (this may be via a technical error or security vulnerability exposed by the participant) then Wavelink reserves the right to notify you of the correct description or value before Reward(s) is shipped. Where incorrect Reward(s) are received by the Participant before the error is discovered, Wavelink reserves the right to cancel or reclaim the Reward(s) where possible.


Program Requirements and Claims

  • Wavelink will provide the Award to a Participant who meets the Program Requirements and has made a Claim for the Award. The Program Requirements are as follows: Eligible Partners are required to register their inclusion in the program at the Fabric Ready Website.
  • Participating organisations may opt to centralise sales claiming and rewards for this promotion and disburse rewards to individuals via their own methods.
  • To have a valid claim for the Award, the Participant must be in good standing with Wavelink at the time of the claim, must not be in breach of these Terms or any other agreement that they have in place with Wavelink and must demonstrate to Wavelink satisfaction that they have fully and completely met the Program Requirements ("Claim"). For a Participant’s Claim to be valid, it must also be made in accordance with these Terms and all terms contained in the Program materials and, where applicable, the relevant Partner Program.


General Terms

By signing up for this program, you are automatically enrolled to be eligible for incentives offered by Wavelink for Fortinet products and solutions. If you would like to opt out of any of the incentives, please email the team at support@wavelinkfabricready.com.au

  • Unless a different governing law is stated to apply in the specific terms of a Program, the terms and conditions of the Program are governed by the laws in Australia as applicable.
  • No exceptions to the Program will be allowed. Wavelink has the right to deny all claims that do not meet the criteria and requirements outlined in the Program.
  • Wavelink reserves the right to modify, extend or discontinue the Program, in whole or in part, at any time and without further notice. Without limiting the generality of the previous sentence, the eligible Wavelink products and/or services included in the Program may be changed or substituted at any time.
  • Wavelink reserves the right to automatically payout rewards to Participant throughout and/or at the end of the program period.
  • All sales are calculated in AUD.
  • Wavelink has the right in its absolute discretion to deny any claim to entitlement under the Program and/or may prohibit a Participant from participating in the Program where Wavelink (in its absolute discretion) determines that such Participant is attempting to undermine the legitimate operation of the Program by cheating, hacking, deception or other unfair playing.
  • All decisions by Wavelink are final.
  • The Program is void to the extent prohibited or otherwise restricted by applicable local law. If a portion of the Program is found to be prohibited or otherwise restricted by applicable local law, only that portion of the Program will be void.
  • Wavelink, and all their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, and agents will have no liability to, and will be held harmless by a Participant making a Claim under the Program, for any loss, damage or liability directly or indirectly related to the acceptance, possession, delivery, use or misuse of any matter or thing awarded under the Program.
  • Any disputes, legal claims and causes of action arising out of or in connection with the Program will be resolved individually, without any resort to any form of class action.
  • Wavelink is not responsible for any lost, late, or misdirected mail (including email) nor for any errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, or delays in any technical platforms or means of electronic transmission used in the publication or Participation of the Program.
  • If Wavelink collects any personal data of a Participant because of their participation in this Program, Wavelink will deal with that data in accordance with its Privacy Policy.
  • Wavelink will have no liability to any Participant or other person under the Program or otherwise for lost profits, loss of use, lost or corrupted data, loss of goodwill or for any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential losses or damages arising in connection with or under the Program and/or the Program terms and conditions, even if Wavelink has been notified of such losses or damages.
  • Any FBT liability is the responsibility of the Individual Partner Representative “Participant”. Consequently, it is solely the Individual Partner Representative's responsibility to report and pay all applicable taxes or duties that may be required under any appropriate laws related to the Incentive(s) he/she receives. The Individual Partner Representative may consult his/her own tax advisor with any question or concern about the taxes that apply to him/her in relation to this Program.
  • Individual Partner Representative may consult his/her own tax advisor with any question or concern about the taxes that apply to him/her in relation to this Program.

Any questions regarding this Program should be addressed to support@wavelinkfabricready.com.au.

By clicking “I Agree” upon registration, Partner is indicating that a representative of the Partner with the authority to bind the Partner contractually has read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and The Program.