Fortinet FortiCare Premium RMA Services

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Organisations depend on Fortinet solutions to provide critical services. If any issues arise, they need to be addressed quickly to help ensure security and business continuity. FortiCare Technical Support and Secure RMA maximise uptime, security, and performance.

Fortinet provides FortiCare technical support and return merchandise authorization (RMA) services on a per-device basis for 24x7 support and timely issue resolution.

Fortinet technical support services are designed to prevent problems and help you recover quickly. Premium RMA options are available across the product family for expedited replacement of defective hardware. Premium RMA options cover weekends and holidays.


Fortinet Premium RMA Options:

Next-day delivery - If the exchange is confirmed, a replacement part will be delivered by courier service and arrive the next day in accordance with the applicable country cutoff time.

Four-hour courier - A replacement part will be delivered on-site by a courier service.

Four-hour courier with on-site engineer - A replacement part will be delivered on-site by a courier service. An engineer will arrive separately, rack and cable the appliance, and leave with the defective part if requested.


Fortinet Secure RMA Service

The Secure RMA service is designed for customers with strict requirements for the protection of data within their physical environment. In general, Fortinet products store configuration information on solid-state media that are not field-replaceable. As a result, it is not possible to remove these items without invalidating the warranty. For maximum security, the Secure RMA service allows for the nonreturn of defective hardware and therefore the protection of data within the customer's premises.


What are the Requirements?

FortiCare Premium RMA services are not available in all locations. Please reach out to our sales team to confirm eligibility.