Fortinet FortiGuard Enterprise License Bundle

Blank 22/8/2023 11:37 - 22/8/2023 11:37
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Organizations of all sizes face growing complexity in both networking and the threat landscape. Multi-cloud deployments and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices expand the attack surface, and disparate point solutions deployed to address new threat vectors often do not integrate with existing infrastructure. This results in both business inefficiency and increased risk.

The FortiGate Enterprise Protection bundle addresses both problems by providing the most comprehensive package of security services available in the market today. It covers the areas of protection needed to effectively address the complex and evolving threat landscape—and every cyberattack channel, from the endpoint to the cloud. The Enterprise Protection bundle provides a centralized way to deal with complex risk, compliance, management, and visibility concerns. In sum, the FortiGate Enterprise Protection bundle delivers critical services to protect organizations from current and future cyber threats.


Fortinet FortiGuard Enterprise License Bundle Includes:

FortiGuard Universal Threat Protection – IPS, Advanced Malware Protection & Web Security.

FortiGuard IoT Detection Service - Significantly reduce your attack surface by discovering, identifying, and protecting Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices in your environment. The service includes a local (installed) library of IoT devices that is regularly expanded and updated.

FortiGuard Industrial Security (OT) Service - Enables organizations to deal with the security risks presented by the convergence of IT and OT. It continuously updates signatures to identify and police most of the common industrial control system (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) protocols for granular visibility and control. Additional vulnerability protection is provided for applications and devices from the major ICS manufacturers.

FortiGuard Security Rating Service - Helps organizations evaluate their current security posture against relevant benchmarks—including security standards, results from peer organizations, and the goals of the business. It provides actionable information used to prioritize patch management, improve processes, and adjust configurations over time.


What Challenges Does the Enterprise Bundle Address?

Complex threat landscape - Today’s advanced threats require a thorough, real-time response. The Fortinet Enterprise Protection bundle provides comprehensive protection from known and unknown threats while eliminating silos that reduce efficiency and increase risk.

Vulnerability management - Whether in the DevOps environment or with cloud-based applications, many organizations are unaware of vulnerabilities in their systems. The Security Rating Service helps identify vulnerabilities before they can cause problems and prioritize patches according to business risk.

Cybersecurity skills shortage - Given the difficulties of adding new staff, realizing the maximum value from existing team members will most certainly continue to grow as a business imperative. Consolidating security services into a single bundle reduces overhead and eliminates hours of manual work for cybersecurity personnel.


What Benefits Does the Enterprise Bundle Bring?

Robust, real-time threat intelligence - There are many subscription-based threat-intelligence feeds, but FortiGuard Labs has one of the world’s most robust threat-intelligence networks, providing complete and real-time information about known and unknown threats.

Advanced threat protection - Unlike many subscription bundles, FortiGate bundles provide not only detection but also protection and remediation against advanced threats.

Operational efficiency - The FortiGate Enterprise Security bundle enables threat intelligence to be integrated across a broader set of security elements, enabling automation of manual tasks like reporting and log pulls. Purchasing a consolidated offering from a single vendor greatly reduces administrative overhead.

Cost efficiency - The FortiGate Enterprise Protection bundle is designed with cost efficiency in mind, delivering broad protection at significantly lower cost than buying the services individually.